I was people watching and I began taking pictures of people that I thought looked good.

I’m going to try to keep up with a collection of well styled people from the cities I live in or lived in. I use the word style because, it a personal thing everyone’s style is different and should be so. I just trying to highlight the people who make their style work for them.

Not labels it’s about style.

Baltimore…Yellow Brick Road


Caught them

I love the devotion and the sincerity that the customary wear of Orthodox Jews carries, And each man wears it differently. For an outfit that seems so standard each man makes it his own.


What’s in there?

I took a picture of this because I thought it was peculiar, but I also think it would make a nice bag design.

Milano…Got to have it

Gotta love Zara, for all your knock off needs

This sweater was at Zara for one day then sold out, I went to 3 different stores looking for it when it came out.

Milano…Scarpa di Prada

Prada is there anything else to say

I wanted these shoes so bad.


When I saw her I did like a double take then followed her for awhile until I realized she was just a crazy lady with crazy red hair.

Philadelphia…The Ascot

This is one of my favorite scarves that I used as an ascot one day.

Milano…Blue No. 2

Her accessories are perfect the glasses, her necklace, the grey shoes, and that little bit of green popping out perfecto!


So Prissy

He looks good but also looks like he’s got an attitude.


MC Hammer meets sweat pants

I wouldn’t wear it but love his boldness. Love when people really claim their own style!

Milano…I don’t know what to say?

This guy has got a serious devotion to red. Well we can say he’s bold.

Milano…Eccentrically Bella

Gotta love the elderly ladies di Milano

They always have it together, unlike our American counterparts.

Milano…Il bello bambino

I love his little blue felt jacket…he ran right up to me a did a little dance for the camera!

Milano…On the Viale

Blue No. 1

This guy had to be a model. He had the walk down to a tee loved the suit and tennis shoes. He also had a little clutch love it. He either had that suit tailored or got really lucky because it fit like a dream.

Milano…Her Shoes

As I said before it’s not about the label. I had to take a picture of them because she was rockin’ them anyway. She made the look good!

Milano…Look who I found

These two looked like they were right out a fairytale, They were on the corner next to the fish market scoping something out. I couldn’t quite tell where they were looking though. But they were so comfortable in their own skins.

Milano…Thing 1 & Thing 2

These shoes are simple and fierce. The Round thick heel is a nice touch to make the color the prime showcase. It goes perfect with…

Thing 2’s Coat

Looks like Burberry!


One thought on “Haute*Ness

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