Fill Me

Fill Me, fill me out, fill me up,

just fill the crevasses of me.

There is no large void, only small cracks

but they degrade slowly, they come in number,

and spawn off one another.

They seem to never be paved only to resurface again and again,

it’s as if it must be destroyed in order to build.

I don’t know what “it” is? Is it a wall, a present edifice, a foundation;

but something must go in order for the new structure to rise.

Out of the dust of the past the relevant rises.

But to begin again is maniacal, so bemused that it just might work.

I’m at one end of a spectrum,

if I continue I’ll reappear at the other end, right?

The light wanes only to begin to wax again;

the tree loses only to live again;

the child grows only to produce.

It stands that change can only mean change,

no better no worse, only different.

But that change is what we make it, there’s the silver lining.

Each bend in the road is a bend you decide is appropriate or not.

So don’t fill me let me fall; only then will I rouse again.

After all isn’t life just one arousal after another.

If I fall I fall, if I fail I fail, if I thrive then I thrive.

But let me carry it out. The cracks may come,

they may look destructive but I see them as constructive.

building the next domicile, the next dwelling my “me” to exist in.

to create is to destroy to destroy is to create.

Matter and energy transfer from one state to another;

but it will never be eliminated.

-Brennan A. Murray


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