Time A Coy Temptrest

Here in the late night hour I sit, I sit and wait for something;

Something that tolls for me, something that’s coming,

The funny thing is I don’t know if I am ready.

After all who is ready for their future, the word in itself is uncertainty;

And within that ambiguity lies everything you could realize;

Fear, hope, anxiety, assurance, dread, peace they all coexist;

Even though they are in opposition they’re in utter harmony,

Harmony until you or I reach that moment.

And without exception those moments become polarized;

It bewilders me to begin to understand,

How do these contrary forces seem to synchronize?

Until that juncture of truth and the future is unraveled into past.

Present is a concept reserved for the faint;

Time can be cruel temptress that commands constant attention.

She serves to destroy the dichotomy of what’s to come,

And create what was.

Each moment is a chronological transaction,

Each of us gets a predestined number;

Be sure to get your hours

No!, your minutes, your seconds worth…. … .. .


One thought on “Time A Coy Temptrest

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