Costae di me Costae

Bone of my Bone, flesh of my flesh

Eve to my Adam, Sun to my rain

You are the power through my pain;

As if to be cut from the same cloth

but she adorned with gold, ruby and sapphire

proves her value far above any could think;

You continue to illustrate your enterprise

While adding to my venture, my essence, my existence, my life…

This life in which we met may be anew

But it’s been so long since ‘before’ I knew you

As if you continue to find me, find me and find me;

To be reborn into the familiar, but always afresh,

Overwhelming the cliche “you complete me”

The measure of you is countless, to complete is to lie.

You add, overflow, heighten, you strengthen,

Who can parallel your existence, your persistence

Continuing to show the countenance for the task…

Her mind as affluent as my heart,

Her heart as true as my soul,

Her soul as virtuous as the authentic light;

Light shown on the first day,

that same light, the same power sanctioned our affinity;

Eve to my Adam, made in his image

Bone of my Bone, flesh of my flesh

From the rib I knew you,

From my eye I glimpse you,

From my heart I behold you.

I rest in the goodness of His masterpiece;

the monument of you…


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