Here & Now

It’s incredible, it’s captivating all the while

it’s unruly, unpredictable, suffocating.

It is what we all long for, what we are waiting for.

is this what it’s like, is this what I’m supposed to feel?

Like you can’t breath, like your heart will beat

So hard it might stop; like your brain is just on repeat.

Thinking the same thing over and over again;

Is it real, am I dreaming, could she be?

Is this just excitement, is it trepidation?

Telling yourself it is all you want it to be, how do you know?

I’ve hear of people just knowing, and I think I might know.

How do you do it; do you just believe it until it’s true?

I feel, I think, I believe, I know, it has to be.

Right here and now is amazing, mind wreaking, tantalizing,

extraordinary, marvelous, boggling, exciting, overwhelming

and wonderful all at the same time.


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