Where Or When?

I don’t know the where; it may be in a dimly lit room,

it could be in a local market.

The only thing I do know is, you and I will meet in the place;

Funny thing is we both probably be there before,

we just can’t seem to get the when right.

But I can’t help but wonder, where are you?

Where is the one who can’t stand to be without me;

the one who I can’t wait to get home to.

The one I long for even when we’ve had a bout;

the girl who loves me and I never have to doubt.

If I could just know where or when?

Realizing either would at least give some solace.

If I knew the where I’d be there;

there in that place every moment of the day awaiting your arrival.

Or even the when, every time the hands of time align to that moment;

I would be keenly watching and waiting for the first sign of you.

Tell me when will you be mine and I yours; time you holder of secrets.

Share your insights with me; because every minute seems like a day,

every day seems like months, every year seems like a century.

In my hearts of hearts I know with each second you draw closer;

but you couldn’t seem further away.

Alas, I impatiently tarry until that stage presents itself;

when we both are under the spotlight of life.

Playing the roles we were destined for “He moves stage right!

all the while she moves left, gracefully drifting into his view.

In that instance he knows there is his leading lady.”

All I ask is time assume the oracle and tell me “Where or When?”

-Brennan A. Murray

*Time - to understand the way things unfold you must consider the element of Time which does not take turns like the other elements but which is always operating, cannot be changed or controlled and makes up his own rules. Time is represented by Saturn who Lord's over midnight and the Winter Solstice and rules in the Tenth and Eleventh Houses.


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