Putting Philly on the Map!

Check this out it’s like a building from the new world trade center landed in philly what do you think? Oh and it’s going to happen they already have the funds together to do it so it past proposal stage! The American Commerce Center will be constructed with a US Green Building Council LEED Gold Certification in mind. This seems to be a positive trend in Philly when considered alongside the green-minded development of the Comcast Center.

The American Commerce Center

This mixed-use project also features a 26-story hotel in addition to the 63-story office tower. Those making it past the three-story hotel lobby will find an enormous low-rooftop garden for hotel guests, allowing them to gaze north, east, or south over the city from 473 feet.

Philly's new Crown Jewel

At 1500 feet, the American Commerce Center would dwarf Philly’s recently-crowned king, the Comcast Center (975 ft), and if completed today, would stand as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and fourth-tallest building in the world. All this in little-old-Philadelphia, which felt guilty about looking down on William Penn’s hat just 20 years ago. This building will be a giant among the world’s buildings. Just think how tall it’s going to look in philly.


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