You ‘MAY CONTAIN™’ This!



Barcodes contain information about their products. But what if they contained info on the unknown effects of the product. This was a project that resulted in designing a campaign to raise awareness  of our own bodies. So that we might realize what we come in contact with and how it effects us.  the ads were to be provocative and eye-catching. So we used powerful/controversial images to convey the extremes of our theory. For example above anf below are images of people using products, but within those products are chemicals that if used in large quantities or not properly could cause impotence or sterility.



Our culture chooses to be oblivious to the effects of the lifestyles we lead. As a member of one of the largest consumer cultures on the planet, it’s time for us to be responsible. We eat, wear, and use products that if used excessively and or wrong could cause permanent damage to us and others. This problem is a two-sided coin. As designers it is part of our responsibility to consider the product’s lifetime from creation until disposal. From the manufacturing to the dump and all the stops in between. We must also be aware of the new cultures created around the objects we create. Specifically ‘designed’ objects foster a ‘designed’ lifestyle. Whether we know it or not our lives are directly being shaped by the objects we interact with. Which ties into the other side of the coin. It’s time for the user and or consumer to take up his mate and walk! He or she must be accountable to themselves, to their own bodies. Read labels before we eat. Know the what goes into manufacturing your next personal electronic device. Take into account how has it been produced, cheap labor or free trade? Too long have we disregarded the task to take care of ourselves and fellow-man. And if we continue down this path the world we leave to future generations will be a horrible place to live.

May Contain THE TRUTH


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