“Economic” Proportions

Ok so we’re all in the pooper when it comes tot he status of the economy. And these stimulus packages don’t make it any easier. They just aren’t making an impact and yet, we (our gov.) keep dumping more money we don’t even actually have into it. Printing money, making our dollor mean less and less and less. I understood what they were trying to do. Save the large corporations to stabilize the economy. Also to keep the big companies from dropping any more employees. In hopes to eventually create more jobs therefore providing the public with some money. It was even thought to put some of the money toward new energy programs to create a whole new market for the U.S. to enter into. I know I’ve left out some details but that was the essential idea. Now there have been about 2 or 3 major increases to the original package. It hasn’t shown much promise.

Thats why this wont work!

That's why this won't work!

Especially in regards to the Automakers. We continue to poor into these large businesses who want to continue to operate the way they have been operating for years. And it’s partly their unwise or unsavory actions & policies (because of course there are other factors) that got us in this mess in the first place. American auto makers basically refuse to rethink their business practices. For example GM America’s forefront automaker after being bailed out still doesn’t understand they to be able to support themselves they need to change somethings. BusniessWeek said “BusinessWeek‘s analysis is that within five years GM must become a much smaller company, with fewer brands, fewer models, and reduced legacy costs. It’s undeniable that getting to that point will require a drastically different course from the one Wagoner has laid out so far.” They just refuse to change their tactics. They need to let go of makes like Buick, hummer, Saturn, their shares in Suzuki in order to stay afloat. Thank God they’re letting go of something maybe not the best brand to let go of though. It is a selling brand and a major foot hold in Europe. They are trying to sell Opel either to the Italians, Chinese, or Canadians. Now that the courts have ruled that they may continue into the “New GM” and let go of the bad assets of the “Old GM” They have an opportunity to make the right choices to set them toward stability. Ok so let say that they do get stable will they really make an effort to be more economically/ecologically sound. In the past 10 years American automakers have made no real push for hybrids or even cars that just have good gas mileage. With the prices of gas these days, most Americans aren’t going to buy a car that can’t get through the week on a tank and a half. No wonder American dealers and factories are piling up their cars.

a 2007 survey from Money Markets

A 2007 survey from "Money and Markets"

Why don’t we just require these companies to cut their SUV production in order to receive any federal aid. That would stop a lot of wasted funds and gas. Those vehicles are pointless. Hey that just my opinion. I was just thinking if I had a choice what would I do with that package. Take the original $819 billion give the option to everyone 50 and over to retire with 1 million dollars. With the requirements to not work anymore, pay their mortgage, and buy at least one American car and watch the market return.  With about 40% of Americas population over the age of 50 that’s a little less than half the workforce opened up. And not just low wage jobs jobs with good pay. Everyone’s mortgage will have been payed no more lending problems. Banks get their money back, the money they gave out knowing people wouldn’t be able to pay it back. and finally that’s a whole lot of American cars off the lot. I just wish it was that simple and you know what if we had smart people running this country it probably could be.

What to do?

What to do?


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