Design Universality

I thought this would be a nice first topic. Designers pull inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes it comes from our physical environment, our dreams, our necessities. And sometimes the designs/art of others spark something new in us (the latter happens to be my favorite). That is one of the wonderful aspects of the design process. But I want to pose a question. Has that spark ever gone as far as to make you want to cross the “field lines”.

Just an example of the concept

Just an example of the concept

Does anyone else just wish you could jump from one field to another with ease? I know I do, i mean sometimes i wanna be a hardcore product designer and then others i wanna create something beautiful to wear. I’m a senior Industrial Design student. But, first and foremost I’m just a design student. I’ve never really liked titles. Design is design no matter what you put in front of it. Yes we all have areas of study that we’ve gotten degrees in. And i understand that we study a certain aspect to hone our skills in the given field. But my belief that the design fields have a universal spirit. One field correlates and is effected by another. Sometimes i get the feeling that the “American” design world doesn’t understand this concept. like there are cinder block walls in-between the different fields. Just because I received a degree in subject A doesn’t mean I have nothing to contribute nothing to subject B. When you start to think about it my training MAY give me a whole different approach, therefore coming up with something totally different and refreshing. So I’d understand the apprehension from others when it comes to a desire to cross field lines. They don’t seem to have a problem in Europe. The wall between architecture, fashion, interior, product seem to be lower if not non-existent.

Representative of European Design Concept

Representative of European Design Concept

When I was in Italy one of my teachers said and I quote “Sometimes you have to design everything but leave that to me, Italians are good at that”


3 thoughts on “Design Universality

  1. said with such dignity. I agree, design is design no matter what thee field. Good Job “hot” contriver…

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


    • Thanks so much, i’ve been so busy lately but im gonna put some new stuff up soon!

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